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Impressions of Cuba by Heinz-Peter Schepp

A series of captivating photographs presented by the Cologne artist Heinz-Peter Schepp provide insight into present-day life in Cuba. His work goes far beyond the well-known images of colonial buildings, revolution and cigars which are supposed to stand for Cuban culture and offers a personal view behind the tourist facade. The images capture everyday life in a true-to-life way and reflect the cultural diversity and the magic of the Latin American country.

The photographs were taken in public spaces. They are snapshots of places, urban scenes, passers-by, facets of everyday life. They reflect Heinz-Peter Schepp`s great skill as an artist, his exceptional eye for the moment, openness for the unusual and great empathy. His work is characterised by a wide range of colours, matched to the respective motifs,  unusual perspectives and an interplay of light and shadow which together create a unique atmosphere. The photographs mirror the visible traces of an eventful past, signs of transience and the passage of time, but they also draw attention to their beauty which is accentuated by the skillful use of colour. Other works focus on passers-by, people engaged in everyday activities, there are no poses. They perfectly illustrate the artist’s ability to capture human encounter and his eye for the special moment. 

The atmospherically dense images go far beyond documentation of everyday life. The broad range of motifs reflects the personal experience of a fascinating country and its successful artistic implementation. The cultural diversity of Cuba and the multi-layered relationship between heritage and present day life are tangible throughout the series. Last but not least, the photographs illustrate the attraction of the unspectacular, of normal life, the appeal of pictures full of spontaneity, colour variety, emotions and liveliness.

Prof. Dr. Irene Daum